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So if you are like everyone else, you probably have multiple social media accounts. You probably even have apps for your social media platforms on your smartphone or tablet. And chances are, you probably have a Twitter account.

Twitter is perhaps one of the biggest things to hit social media since Facebook or Instagram. Some social media platforms come and go, but Twitter seems to be here for the long run.

Twitter is a fun and simple way to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. Tweeting only takes a few minutes so it’s fast, which is why most people prefer Twitter over other social media sites. You can share links to other sites, videos or music or media clips. Anyone who’s anyone has a Twitter page, from politicians to celebrities to artists to housewives and college students.

So what’s the deal with Retweets and why are they so important? Well, it’s simple. If someone retweets your Tweet, it helps boost the visibility of your Twitter account, which can lead to more Twitter Likes for your Tweets and even more Followers. And we all want a large Twitter following, whether we admit it or not.

Whether you have a personal or professional Twitter account, Retweets are a big deal. So why not take advantage of our service and get FREE Retweets on us? You can either cross your fingers and hope your followers will share your tweets. Or you can Retweet posts from other Twitters, hoping they will notice and then Retweet your Tweets. Another option is to pay for Retweets, but who wants to do that?

Face it, most people will pass over a Tweet unless they notice that it has been shared/Retweeted or at least liked. It’s basic psychology. People tend to follow the crowd,,so they will only Retweet those posts that already have multiple tweets! So do you want to sit around and hope that your posts get Retweeted? Or do you want simplify things and sit back and relax while we retweet your Tweets for you!

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